Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Motivation To Knit Is Currently Visiting Friends In The Hamptons

Or possibly, the South of France.

It didn't leave a note telling me of its whereabouts or how long it planned to be away.

All I know is that it is August and ridiculously hot (even though we have had thunder storms for the last twelve hours which promise to reduce the temperature to less life threatening numbers) and the idea of touching anything is so unappealing. Also, I have no project to knit and no brain to design one (and don't remind me of the unfinished socks, the unfinished fingerless gloves, the unfinished miniskirt, or the unfinished cardigan for Julian--those objects do not count and I refuse to even look at them right now). About a week ago, I went into my favorite lingerie store and told them about the fun fur bikinis and they really want to see them. You would think this would motivate me to whip up a Fun Fur bikini, wouldn't you? Alas, no. The last time I pulled out the Fun Fur (about two months ago) Julian started to cry and said "Mommy, no." Fred and I have no idea why the Fun Fur should cause him so much distress, but he stopped crying when I put it away and resumed knitting with unfurry yarn, so we know it is the Fun Fur's fault. Given the heat, the humidity, the risk of causing my baby to cry and my motivation's extended vacation from my brain, I think the best thing to do is to just ignore the gigantic stash of yarn lurking under my bed and all vague promises made to a sexy underwear shop.

Amanda asked for pictures of Olivia in the blanket. Melanie, her mom, promised to take some photos, but that was before we got the three digit temperatures. For what it is worth, Abigail told me that the blanket I made is Olivia's favorite (and yes, I am willing to believe the compliments of five year olds, even when I know they are just making conversation and get my attention). Have no fear, however, as that baby and the blanket (and her mom and big sister) are moving to Toronto in a couple of weeks and I am sure we will start getting lots of photos of a very cold baby wrapped in a fluffy pink blanket shortly thereafter.

It's a shame that I have no knitting mojo right now as I am watching lots of television.

Hopefully, it will have learned something while hanging out with all its chi-chi friends and I will be whipping out some highly fashionable duds come September.


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Want the pattern for the MFH?

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