Thursday, February 22, 2007


About a week ago, Julian asked me for a bathrobe.

Julian hates to wear clothes and I think it finally occurred to him that a bathrobe was not technically clothing and would help keep him warm. Or, maybe, he wanted to be like me. Just before Christmas, I found a red cashmere bathrobe at the Salvation Army. It is pretty fabulous and I wear it every single morning. Sometimes, I wear it even after I have showered and dressed.

So, at first, I had planned to just make him a robe out of some flannel. Then, on Friday, I ran across Suss Cousins book, Home Knits, and saw her pattern for a knit bathrobe. I remembered I had this yarn in my stash (the sweater from which this yarn came was dumpster dived and I ripped it up). I showed the yarn to Julian and asked if he would like a bathrobe made out of it. He said yes.

I started knitting Saturday.

Sunday morning, he saw my bathrobe at the foot of our bed and asked, "Mommy, is that the bathrobe you made for me?" I had to tell him that, no, that was my robe, his was orange and I was still making it.

On Monday, he asked me where his bathrobe was. I told him I still had to sew the pieces together.

On Tuesday, he asked if he could put on his new robe. I told him it wasn't ready (I still had to do some blocking and sewing.)

On Wednesday morning, he didn't ask about the robe and refused to try it on when I showed it to him.

So, the lesson to be learned here is that while one must ask a toddler if he likes the yarn before the process begins (because you really don't want to go to the effort of knitting up a piece only to find out the child hates it after all that work) one must either be more secretive about the project and/or learn to knit faster.

Julian eventually agreed to try it on and even model it for me.

Of course, I made changes in the pattern. I didn't use the yarn she recommended, didn't have the right gauge, and knit it more by the measurements than by the pattern. I made changes to the collar. I grafted the shoulder seams instead of sewing them (something I plan to do all the time now--achieving an almost invisible seam and using less yarn? Why don't people recommend this all the time? Would it be wrong to tear up sweaters I made a decade ago in order to graft the shoulder seams?--I tried to take pictures, but they just look like plain stockinette stitch, not like seams at all!) I ran out of yarn and didn't do the crocheting at the hem.

I made it on the large size (using the measurements for the size 4, although Julian would probably have found the size 2 a bit big, as it turns out) because I am hoping Julian can wear it next winter and I really hope we are done with the unspeakably cold weather.

This pattern makes me so excited, I think I may have to knit a few more of these for the other toddlers I know. Maybe.


Blogger K said...

Oh my! I love it -- so wonderfully bright. Looks comfy.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so cool! my 4 year old is also a julian, and he also hates clothes. and i really, really want to learn to knit. (hence how i ended up here :-)anyway, just delurking to say cool robe :) (and hoping i figure out how to teach myself how to knit soon. though it's hard for some reason...)

2:15 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh he balks now but when he needs to change a tire at night by the side of the expressway that Roadside Safety Yarn will win the day.

9:32 PM  

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