Monday, November 13, 2006

The Desire Has Returned

It always happens this way. As soon as you are completely immersed in one creative endeavor which has a dealine, suddenly all the creative endeavors decide to come out of hiding. So I am doing nanowrimo and I find myself thinking up all these items I want to knit and wear right this instant.

So I am trying to be good and stay away from the needles.

Go read Rebecca's story about how she inadvertently turned a bunch of kids onto knitting, but at Sheakespeare's expense.

Hopefully, all my knitting dreams will still be with me after I have written 50,000 words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

or, you could totally be my dream girl, and write 50,000 words about knitting. and then take pictures of knitty things. and then, i'd vote for you for best nanowrimo ever. and i'd get all my friends to do it too. so you'd have like, 5 votes. word.

10:46 PM  

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